How to become more self-disciplined towards life?

From a lazy procrastinator to a self-disciplined person

In today's world, it's very easy to distract ourselves with lots of social media and the internet and lose our time, leaving us only with a massive pit of guilt and anger.

"Myth about Self-Discipline"

Many people equate a disciplined life of the structure to feelings of entrapment. They think self-discipline is making a controlled routine and it's boring to follow the same schedule over and over again, and that you are trapped in that routine.

But it's a myth.

Well, Self-Discipline is liberating and makes us feel free from all the anxiety and guilt we often face about not utilizing our time properly and not doing anything great in our life. When we follow a certain routine taking into consideration all the productive things which are needed in life like healthy eating habits, exercising, reading, walking, etc., and leave out other distractions like looking at insta posts and stories, youtube, etc. we somewhere overcome the feelings of tiredness, guilt and anxiety. When we start accomplishing little little needed task day by day we feel a sense of satisfaction and an upsurge of energy which makes us feel more confident, increase our self-esteem and create awareness towards our own life. Self-Discipline is “having sense to do what exactly is needed” .

Now that we have discussed Self-Discipline let us look at some powerful ways to accomplish it.

Ways to accomplish Self-Discipline in your life :

"There are several ways to make yourself more disciplined towards life. I will be sharing some of my tricks to a more self-disciplined life."

  1. Fake it till you make it

Believing(Faking) in something has tremendous power. Using this strategy by believing that you are a self-disciplined person will lead you to become that person.

“What we think, we become.” I want you to read that again. Thinking, believing, faking are one and the same thing. These actions give us the power to control our own thoughts and mold them in a way to improve our own life.

To make this trick work, I want you to fake a particular habit for two weeks as you have already made that habit for a long time. Believe in yourself and do it like you already are familiar with it. You will see the change, growing that habit in you. (try doing it for self-discipline)

2. Why?

Find yourself a strong reason behind why you want to be a self-disciplined person? What will it get you at last? What advantages you will get if you inculcate this habit within you. This reason should be strong enough to motivate you, avoid getting into the loop of laziness and procrastination, and make you stand every time you put your time into some useless and non-productive things.

3. Take baby steps

After reading this blog, you will feel a surge to become disciplined and make a routine and everything. But I want you to start with little baby steps. Take time. Analyze yourself. If you have certain goals in mind, then analyze them. Why achieving that goal is important for your life. Now, make a schedule and manage your time effectively. Now to make this schedule work, you need self-discipline…

Inculcating self-discipline in your life will make you more observant, clear, and liveness towards your life. You will be more happy and satisfied with yourself at the end of the day.

Try these tips and tricks and let me know if they worked for you as well.

I will be happy to hear from you...

Thanks for stopping by ☺

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